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Kanpur, India
Hello World!

This is Akshit - an engineer turned Interaction Designer and Visual Artist on a mission to discover my unique blend of Design, Tech and Art.

I am a graduate of IIT (BHU) with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and currently, I am on an adventure to pursue my Master's from the Department of Design IIT Kanpur. I am a multidisciplinary designer who loves to craft beautiful experiences, and this love has always motivated me to learn and experiment with new things and explore various creative fields ranging from product design, branding, motion design, illustrations and much more.

Due to this same drive, I have had the privilege of contributing to some prominent companies, such as Atlassian and BCG, where I gained valuable hands-on experience as a product designer.

I like to read or just chill with a good old Cinematic Masterpiece in my free time.

Let's craft eye-candies together...
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