A passionate Interaction Designer & Visual Artist who loves to craft beautiful experiences.
Selected Work
Interaction Designer & Visual Artist
Selected Work
PolkaSafe - A Multisig wallet solution
Interaction Design, Web 3.0, Blockchain Technology
Interface & Experience design for a multisig wallet solution for the Polkadot Blockchain.
Converge - The Annual Fest of DOD IITK
Branding, Interaction Design, 3D Visual Design, Motion Design, Filmmaking & more
A project driven by the desire for complete creative expression. It stands as a testament to our creativity, a canvas where we've seamlessly blended diverse forms of digital and physical media.
Nanovest - 3D Illustration & Icon Design
3D Illustration Design, Motion Design
A set of 3D Illustrations & Icons created for Nanovest, based around the theme of cryptocurrency, stocks and other financial services including features of security, gamification, and much more.
Aero Audio - UI Design Internship
UI & UX Design, Testing, 3D Illustration Design, Motion Design
UI Design for an audio based social media platform that allows users to communicate and connect with each other via audio chat rooms.
A Gol Gol Tale - A short animation project
Motion Design
A short animation project by the students of DOD IIT Kanpur - a rendition of shapes in daily life.
The Skill Cabinet
Powering through the Industry
Atlassian - Summer Internship
May '23 - July '23
Sparred with the Jira mobile team to craft better experiences for on-call engineers. Envisioned new mobile journeys by leveraging the power of new iOS features.
Boston Consulting Group - Freelance Project
Oct '21 - Jan '22
Collaborated with the Product Design team to craft a beautiful set of 3D icons, illustrations and animations, making the same old investment procedure fun again.
Tools in the Arsenal
Notable Achievements
Typoday 2022
6th Runner Up in the International Logo design competition conducted by Typoday 2022. Logo selected from over 400 entries internationally.
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